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That's right, all the data you use in your chrome extension will also sync with an easy to use app on your mobile device so you not longer have to "get back to the office" or struggle with remote connections to send out your links!

Now be just as productive on the go, as you are at your desk!

Links in Sync No Matter What Device!

All Your Devices in All Locations running the extension or mobile app will be in sync 100%!

Eliminate the work that normally comes with link management! Put it in once, and it's done!

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Speed Linker Pro will be released to those that pre-order before it's publicly sold, and these features are not available in any other fast-linking software!

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You also get to have early access builds as the application is developed, and your feedback can help shape the application.


Alex S. Elliot

"This thing has probably saved me no lie, 10 - 15 hours a month... From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me my time back..."

Rob Verzera

"I wasn't even sure if I was going to be using it a lot.....

it's becoming one of my favorite plugins that I used every day.. It's an absolute timesaver..."

Teresa Marotto

"Not only do I save myself a lot of frustration, but I save a lot of time! It is very small, but it is very mighty..."

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